The Bill Shaw Memorial Slow Melody Contest

For over 40 years Bill Shaw was a member of Lochgelly Band. Although he only ever registered for Lochgelly, Bill played and conducted as a guest for many bands. Bill also was committed to the brass band movement and over the years was involved and worked with various organisations especially FCBA and SBBA. This involvement made him a well known face around the local, national and even international events.

Bill always felt that solo contests were heavily biased towards very technically competent players, playing difficult pieces and did not accommodate players who played simpler pieces with feeling. He always said he would like to run a solo contest for slow melody pieces only. In accordance with this wish the Bill Shaw Memorial Slow Melody Contest was inaugurated in 2003 with the first contest being held on March 30th of that year. The contest is held in two sections; a junior section for players aged under 17 on the day of the contest, and an open section for all players. The winner of the open event is awarded the Bill Shaw Memorial Trophy, donated by Mr & Mrs Hershaw. The winner of the junior event is awarded the Bill Shaw Solo Trophy, donated by Pauline Robertson.

Roll of Champions

Open: Hayley Edmond
Junior: Hayley Edmond

Open: Craig Herriot
Junior: Rachel Neil

Open: Alison Hall
Junior: Scott Findlater

Open: Graham Fraser
Junior: Murray McFarlane

Open: Graham Fraser
Junior: Ross Brotherston

Open: John Martin
Junior: Margaret Guyan